Why You Should Renovate In Summer

backyard with bench
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Ah the first days of summer. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and crickets are chirping. Summer is totally awesome. Did you know it’s also an ideal time to start those home improvement projects still on your To Do List? You bet it is!

Warm Weather

You may not be able to cook in your space when it’s under renovation but don’t worry you can cook outside and/or BBQ with little hassle. Or you can don your flip flops, grab your picnic blanket and a bucket o’ chicken for picnics in the park.

Better Ventilation

It’s important to get rid of dust and debris during a renovation. Nobody wants to breathe any of that in, so open the windows to let fresh air in and dust and debris out. It’s so easy to keep things fresh when you renovate in summer!

More Daylight

Longer summer days mean more light and more time for contractors to work, while you have more time to have fun with your kids, or to just relax on the patio with your favorite person.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to pick out paint, countertops and cabinets in natural light so you know you’re getting exactly what you want and there will be no regrets later.

Just Get Away From It All

Life usually slows down in the summer giving you a chance to pack your bags for a little vacation away from the chaos of a renovation. If a vacation isn’t possible then take a stay-cation and camp out in your backyard. Build a fire, make some s’mores and play some games. What better time to make some family memories than while a renovation is taking place!

See how awesome it can be to renovate in summer can be? You might be a little skeptical but go ahead and try it. It just might make you a believer.

Call your local contractor to discuss your next project. A professional will be able to help you prioritize and budget so your summer renovation is a success!