What’s in your attic?

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Attic Maintenance for Peace of Mind

As the seasons change, so do our home maintenance needs. With fall approaching, it’s a good idea to take a look at the place we all pretend doesn’t exist – the attic. Whether we acknowledge it or not, a neglected attic can create major problems for various reasons.

Poor venting due to blocked soffits tops the list of concerns, as it can lead to moisture and mould in your home. Even if your soffits look good on the outside, you should double-check there’s no insulation on the inside that’s blocking the intake.

Here’s a related concern, as written by expert renovator Mike Holmes in a National Post column: “One problem I’m always finding is old, wooden soffits that have been covered with aluminum during an update or renovation. But no holes were made in the original wood soffit under the new layer of aluminum, which means there is no possible venting.”

Spend the time to check now, or spend the money later

Buildup of humidity leads to very expensive repairs down the road — mould remediation, the replacement of rotting wood or even structural damage.

During cold winters, ice dams can also be a problem. Your attic should be cold in the winter; if there’s improper insulation and ventilation, the buildup of heat will melt the snow on your roof. Repeated melting and freezing of the snow eventually creates a thick layer of ice along the roof edge, which forces melted snow back under the shingles and into your house to cause water leaks. The solution? Insulate and ventilate your attic so no warm air gets in and the roof deck stays cold.

Take the time to investigate these issues thoroughly, and hire a contractor who can explain how to prevent these occurrences from happening again. Lastly, budget the right amount to create a safe, quality home – rather than paying for it later!

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