The 3 Day Kitchen Reno

Kitchen Cabinets in Victoria, BC

Renovate Your Kitchen for Less When you think of kitchen renovation what immediately comes to mind? Expensive, long-term commitment, disruptive, messy… What if we told you that doesn’t have to be the case – that there is a better way? Imagine a new kitchen for around $10k. It’s possible and this is how. Step 1 […]

Simplify Your Kitchen Cabinet Options

Stained Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Options Made Simple. Part 1 of 3 We make decisions every day. While some are more difficult than others – deciding what kind of kitchen cabinets suit your style shouldn’t be one of them. By now you’ve probably saved tons of images on Pinterest or Houzz.  After browsing kitchens for months you might […]

5 Ways to Give Your Laundry Room Wow Factor

Laundry Room Renovation

Give Your Laundry Room Wow Factor with these in Demand must-haves Remember when the laundry room was hidden away in the basement? It was usually unfinished with make-shift racks to hold soap, dryer sheets and fabric softener. If you were lucky you even had a sink. How times have changed! Based on a National Association […]

Fall & Winter Projects? Why Not!

renovation projects

Renovation Projects for the Off-Season Springtime daffodils are a good indicator that home improvement season is just around the corner. But what about the yellowing of the leaves and near-constant rainfall? Surprisingly, autumn is the perfect time to tackle your home improvement projects. Painting can quickly – and affordably – change the look of a […]