3 Ways to Add Colour to Your Bathroom Renovation

add colour to your bathroom renovation

3 Ways to Add Colour to Your Bathroom Renovation The bathroom tends to be a tricky space when it comes to choosing colours. This is mostly due to the lack of natural light. The size of your bathroom will dictate how many, and what types of light fixtures you’ll be able to use to compensate […]

Unique Storage Space Ideas

bathroom Renovation storage space

Storage Space as Unique as You Are Storage spaces have quickly become one of the most sought-after features in a home. How often have you been beside yourself with frustration because your kitchen or bathroom looks cluttered due to the lack of storage? This is especially true for those who have a smaller square footage […]

Pump Up Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

Renovate Your Bathroom With This Affordable Upgrade Waking up in the winter is such a daunting task. It’s warm and cozy in our beds while the floor is icy cold and the wait for hot water to finally reach the shower seems like eons. It’s so easy to snuggle up, hit snooze, and loathe the […]