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Storage Space as Unique as You Are

Storage spaces have quickly become one of the most sought-after features in a home. How often have you been beside yourself with frustration because your kitchen or bathroom looks cluttered due to the lack of storage? This is especially true for those who have a smaller square footage to work with. Not to worry – we’ve compiled a list of some great ways to add storage to your renovation without taking away from your main living space.

The Kitchen is the heart of the home so it’s typically where the most time is spent. As a result the kitchen has a real need for hiding things away without making it feel unorganized. Countertops are easy targets for clutter! Thinking about your lifestyle and the habits you and your family have when coming home may also impact what type of storage you need, or where you might need it. Before committing to a new kitchen design, walk through a standard day with your designer. The more they know about your daily activities, the more customized your solutions will be.

Some of our favourites at a low budget range are:

Hidden broom closets that blend in with the rest of your cabinetry. Hidden sink cupboard for sponges, soap, cleaning brushes, etc.

Mid-range budget options include:

To the ceiling cabinets instead of leaving space at the top as well as adding in wine racks wherever there’s space. Because you can never have enough wine spaces!

Higher-end options are:

Baking sheet and spice rack pull-outs keep your kitchen tidy and organized.

New and improved Lazy Susan’s are a beautiful additional to the corner cabinet and increase your overall organization spaces.

The Bathroom is typically a smaller space but tends to feel like it’s overflowing with “stuff”. You need somewhere to put toiletries, extra toilets paper, towels, shaving accessories – the list goes on!

You also want to make sure that anything with a cord can get put away so there are no hazards for children. Open shelving may not be as scary as you think! You can find some beautiful baskets in all shapes and sizes that will keep the shelf well-kept. Custom cabinetry for small spaces, narrow racks similar to the spice racks for kitchens and open shelving on the outside of your vanity are all great ideas that keep your bathroom looking clean and classy.

Bathroom Storage Options:

If you’ve seen any other great storage ideas send us a picture as we’re always looking for efficient ways to optimize storage space in homes.