Skylight Additions + Window Replacement = Value!

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Let the Sun Shine in With New Windows

Victoria is one of the top ten sunniest cities in Canada with an average of 308 sunny days per year. It’s no wonder it’s a top destination for vacationers and global travelers alike! But how much sunshine do we actually get to experience being at the office, or in our homes? Probably not as much as we’d like. That’s why retrofitting windows, doors and the addition of skylights and sun tunnels are seen as valuable upgrades for homeowners and buyers. Let’s take a closer look at why this trend is such a bright idea.

Natural light is a welcoming feature that can also increase the perceived value of the home. If you have a small windowless bathroom, narrow corridors or closed in staircases, the room will tend to feel dingy and unflattering. Bright, airy spaces will make you and your guests feel more homey and comfortable. Sun tunnels are reflective tubes that are generally used when traditional skylights are not an option. Both skylights and sun tunnels are a cost effective, low maintenance way to improve your home without a big budget.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Saving money on power and reducing your energy demands are other benefits to increasing natural light in your home. If you still have single glazed windows, they could be causing you to lose up to 20% of your home’s heat. Baseboard heating in the winter is also extremely expensive if your windows have never been upgraded. The products on the market these days have hugely improved efficiency and are generally installed very quickly once they arrive.

If you already have a kitchen or bathroom renovation in mind, ask your contractor about bringing in more light to any dark spaces. With more people deciding to renovate rather than move, bringing in natural light is a sure way to make your home more enjoyable. For more information on adding skylights or upgrading your windows, contact us. We service all of Vancouver Island from Sidney to Courtenay.

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