Renovation Ideas for 2020

renovation ideas for 2020
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Six Renovation Ideas for 2020

Christmas is just around the corner and as soon as we heave a heavy sigh of relief that it’s over, we’ll be welcoming in a new year.  Fortunately, a new year is a blank slate for promises (not as scary as resolutions) on how to make the coming year better than the last. So why not make the first promise on that slate one that will make your home a brighter, cheerier and a more calming place to be? Great idea! But where do you start? We did some research and have some renovation ideas for 2020 that are stylish and timeless.

Open Concept

Open living space continues to be popular. If you have a lot of walls closing off rooms, maybe it’s time to break them down. It will make your home feel larger and let the warm natural light flood in.


It’s time to ditch that carpet! Carpets are being used as accents not the main flooring material. Dark wood is what to aim for but if you want the look, not the expense, there are some great laminates or even vinyl that will work nicely.


Looking to spruce up the kitchen with new cabinets? Reclaimed wood is the way to go. Sustainability is high on the priority list for renovation and design and cabinet companies are taking this very seriously. Even if you go pre-fab, companies like IKEA are using more natural, eco-friendly materials.

Wood Panels

Wood paneling (not the stuff still in your grandparents’ basement) is back! Think of these high quality additions for an accent wall behind the bed, above the fireplace or in the bathroom.


An often-neglected space is the ceiling. An accent ceiling can bring a bit of excitement to the room. You can use anything from plastic or wood panels or better yet create a false-ceiling. Making the ceiling a cohesive part of your space is a renovation idea that you’ll be seeing more of this year!

The Pantry

Pantries are still on the must have list. But not just any pantry, you want a pantry that you can walk into and that displays shelving for your food as well as your specialty items. If you want to show off how great your pantry is organized opt for a glass or even a screen door.

These renovation ideas are just to help you get a kick-start on your home improvement planning. Our professionals are available to help you put it all together. Give us a call or contact us today to set up a free consultation.