Quick tip to tell if the wall you want to remove is load bearing.

Chances are that if you live in an older home, you’re going to want a wall or two removed to open up the space for your renovation. This is often the case when trying to create an open concept kitchen, but is also common for bathroom and basement renovations as well.

Being able to quickly pinpoint whether it’s a load bearing wall or not can give you a better idea of what kind of options you have with your space.  A load bearing wall may need to involve engineering, and will also influence the timeline and budget you’ll need to proceed.

Here’s Darren from our Nanaimo office with a quick way to tell if the wall you may want to remove is a load bearing wall.


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A tidbit of knowledge: Load Bearing Walls.

Hi, Im Darren Cavan with Classic Home Improvements and I’m a project coordinator and estimator.

Often as part of a renovation people want to remove a wall to open up the space and they’re not sure if the wall is load bearing. There is a quick way that will likely tell you if the wall is or isn’t load bearing. The floor joists will be running in the opposite direction to the wall, and the wall would be a 2×6 constructed wall. It’s not necessarily 100% true all of the time but it’s a good starting point.  Even if the wall is load bearing, it doesn’t necessarily stop you from removing it, you just need to contact a professional contractor and go through the proper steps.

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