Asbestos Awareness to Keep You Safe

WorkSafe BC has increased regulations around Asbestos testing. Home owners have become a little more anxious about renovating their homes due to uncertainty around remediation and associated costs. In order to keep home owners and renovation contractors safe, we take samples of the areas that are going to be disturbed. This can include flooring, drywall, or ceiling materials. Ask your contractor for more information if this is a concern for the age of your home.


Hi I’m Aaron Plumb and I’m the Operations Manager for Classic Home Improvements.

Did you know that many building materials used before 1990 possibly contain asbestos and must be tested?

A contractor must take samples of any materials that may be disturbed during the renovation process. It is a WorkSafe BC requirement and any professional contractor will do this.

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For more information on testing visit the WorkSafe BC website here.