Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Making the Old New

Paint your Kitchen Cabinets for a new look
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Is Painting Kitchen Cabinets the Best Option?

If your home is from the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s, you’re probably familiar with solid oak cabinets. At the time they were an expensive option and solid wood was very everywhere. Unfortunately nowadays, the oak might be starting to look a little too yellow. Not only that, if you also have oak hardwood floors there might just be ‘too much’ wood going on.

Not to worry! With so many home owners looking for a inexpensive ways to update their space, we’ll explore painting your cabinets and the best way to make the old look new again.


Having your cabinets painted is a fairly lengthy process. Professionals have the skills, tools and equipment needed to ensure reasonable turnaround. However this isn’t the best investment for updating your overall look. Painting your kitchen cabinets is typically a DIY project if you have the time to complete the process. The high cost is primarily due to labour. If there are any grooves in the grain of the cabinets you’ll want to fill them in to keep a smooth look. You’ll also want to make sure that the wood is cleaned so there’s no greasy residue. Paint won’t adhere to a slick surface so a heavy sanding will lead to the best results.

For the most part, you can choose almost any colour for your kitchen cabinets. We’ve also seen homeowners embrace the two-toned look which may also suit your taste. In fact, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your new look!


A stain is another option to get rid of the yellow-ish oak colour haunting your kitchen. If you’ve considered painting kitchen cabinets, you might also want to look into staining as an alternative. This is probably your best option if you really enjoy the look of the wood grain. Again, this is a DIY project with the right skill set as the labour costs of a contractor will make most home owners shy away from the project.

There are plenty of colours of stains that can tie into the new look of your kitchen. You can go from white and very light grays to dark browns, blues and greens. If you feel like your kitchen already has a lot of wood elements, staining your cabinets with a colour will also help to break it up. Below a beautiful palette from Jennifer Ott Design shows how you can add a colourful stain for a modern yet beachy kitchen. The blue-isg green stain is paired with dark flooring and stainless steel accents.

Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen cabinet refacing is an option that pretty much gives you brand new cabinet doors. This is THE BEST way to upgrade your style of door and your colour or finish. The most impressive part about this option is how quickly the change occurs. While having your cabinet doors painted or stained will take four or more days, cabinet refacing can be done in the same day. If the thought of having “naked” cupboards makes you cringe, this might be the solution for you.

Another benefit to cabinet refacing is having someone else do the work for you. Professionals can make recommendations and give you an estimate and timeline to have the work completed. This will cause less disruption in your daily activities and most importantly – alleviate the stress of completing the many steps to paint or stain your kitchen cabinets. Refacing is an affordable option that will definitely make the old new again.

All things considered, you don’t need to break the bank to help your old cabinets look new again. There are options that make a dramatic difference in the look of your kitchen, with minimal inconvenience. Take a look at Houzz to gather and save ideas on what colours and styles pique your interest. When you contact your contractor they’ll be able to discuss your options and budget based on your ideabook.

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