Our 5 Fave Kitchen Trends

5 Kitchen Trends
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5 Kitchen Trends That Aren't Going Anywhere

Kitchen trends come and go but there are a few worth keeping around. Some trends are quickly outdated and often leave feelings of regret with the home owners after a couple of years. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, we always recommend investing in a look that reflects your lifestyle, personality, and style. That being said – there’s a reason why these trends aren’t going anywhere.

1.  Storage Solution Cabinetry

Hidden storage is more important than ever. Everything from spices to cookie sheets to composting bins can be hidden within your cabinets. Keeping the countertops clear of clutter can be quite a challenge. Hidden storage will not only keep you sane, it will keep your kitchen looking tidy. Equally important is the ease of access and functionality of hidden storage. Gone of the days are turning your lazy susan only to have everything fly off. Improvements in cabinet systems are a breath of relief for pretty much everyone.

2. (Lots of) Wood Grain Cabinets

This one is a given. With a focus on the natural beauty of the outdoors, a strong wood grain adds the character of a living forest. Because the texture adds so much depth to the kitchen, it pairs very well with a minimalist look. Oak will be the prevalent wood of choice with accents in raw textiles such as clay, tweed and wool. If you love a cozy atmosphere, wood grain cabinets paired with warm beige are swoon-worthy kitchen trends.

3. Warm Beige’s & Bold Colour

White kitchens are always a safe bet for both resale and personal enjoyment. However warm beige’s are creeping in to offer a timeless, warm environment. For your floors, look for birch, beachy white and light oak  to satisfy this trend. Equally important to finish the look are organic textures. You can go a bit rustic or lean towards boho chic to achieve this new take on white. Additionally, you’ll continue to see more bursts of colour in the kitchen. A neutral backdrop is perfect for bold appliances in retro colours ranging from hot pink to Tiffany blue. You’ll also see the new black stainless steel as an alternative to the silver accent in newly renovated homes.

4. Working Kitchen Sinks

This is one of our favourite trends! The kitchen sink is adding a ton of character to new kitchens. If we didn’t have enough to decide on, we now have a variety of different sizes and basins, removable cutting boards, integrated coasters and pot holders, ice buckets, and the list goes on! Since many sinks now act as a useful space for food prep, they’re ideal for those trying to save space in their smaller sized kitchen. They also free up counter space when multiple people are working in the kitchen or when entertaining. What’s not to love?

5. Lighting

The standard trio pf pendant lights always look stunning. They also work well as task lighting for prepping food or for working on your computer.

We love the LED pot lights because they’re so thin you don’t need a lot of ceiling space to install them. This is beneficial for both you and your electrician! Concealed LED’s for the work space also provide ambient light when entertaining. LED strip lighting is also popular for under the upper cabinets.

Circadian rhythm lighting is an emerging technology that’s sure to make it’s way to your home. Walalight explains the impact of this type of lighting, “Circadian rhythm lights are a passive adaptive LED lighting system that provides the appropriate spectrum of lighting through a smart kelvin changing technology to improve human behavior. This new model of health and human behavior control focuses on keeping people healthy in contrast to treating disorders and diseases after they develop. Careful application of this new knowledge of the biological and behavioral effects of lighting can offer significant advantages and benefits with LED lights for health.” Keep your eyes peeled for  integrating light technology with other smart home systems.

Have you added any of these trends into your kitchen remodel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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