Renew Your Space with Cabinet Refacing

Renew Your Space with Custom Cabinetry or Cabinet Refacing in Victoria, BC!

Cabinets really help to bring out the character in a room. Whether it’s a bathroom vanity, custom storage area or kitchen, the material, colour choice and finishes all have an impact on the final look. Work with our cabinet experts so you can be confident with budget friendly, functional pieces that work with your lifestyle.

We provide cabinetry for home storage, laundry room, bathroom and kitchen renovations.

An alternative to changing out all of your cabinets is re-facing. Our expert staff will assess the condition of your cabinets and help you with the pros and cons of re-facing your cabinets. Mainly you’ll need to know if your boxes are in good condition for refacing to be a viable option for your project!

Wood Cabinets Renovation

Why Re-facing Works

Re-facing your cabinetry is the best way to update your look while keeping your spending down. How? Because you’re only changing the door fronts. You also have the option of adding or removing some of the boxes for a more customized feel. This is elastically relevant if you’re looking to replace some of the cupboards with drawers or vice versa. Next to cost, the the project timeline is an additional benefit as refacing has an expected installation of 1-3 days.

Customers have a huge variety of materials to choose from. Options include wood, painted MDF, Thermofoil, and even vinyl. Whatever look you’re trying to achieve you can go from ultra contemporary to traditional, to rustic inspired with ease.

If you’re interested in creating a new look for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, in-home consultations are always free. Don’t forget to check out more photos of bathroom renovations and kitchen renovations for inspiration.

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