Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Cabinet Refacing
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The Pros and Cons of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen cabinet refacing is taking the renovation world by storm as it opens up a number of new possibilities to home owners.  Increasing real estate prices might also affect how much you’re willing to spend on a kitchen renovation. Have a good idea what the value of your neighborhood is so you can create a realistic budget based on needs and wants. So does refacing actually save time and money getting a brand new look? We’ll take a look at the good, the and and the ugly side of kitchen cabinet refacing.

The Good

You’ve heard about it but aren’t exactly sure why it would make such a significant difference with installation time and budget. To put it simply, this part of the renovation is basically changing out the doors. That’s it. Since you’re not having to tear out the entire cabinet box and its contents you immediately save on labour. Not only your time to remove all of the content of your cabinets, but the contractors time to remove what’s existing. This is especially beneficial to the home owners who can’t bear the thought of losing their kitchen for a couple weeks or more. Of course the duration of the project depends on how much is being changed. A cabinet reface can take as little as two days. As a result this is a very attractive option.

Coupled with less labour is less cost. You’re removing the manufacturing of cabinet boxes and decreasing the time for re-installation. Not only that, you’re also using less material which offers additional savings. It’s a pretty impressive option that can dramatically change the look of your kitchen. Here’s how you  can renovate your kitchen in 3 days.

The Bad

There has to be a downside, right? “The Bad” news is that not every kitchen is a candidate for a cabinet reface. Often the boxes won’t be in good enough condition to reuse them. Part of the initial analysis will include evaluating  structural integrity.

Functionality is a major factor in how comfortable your kitchen is. If the layout isn’t working for you then you may need to redesign the kitchen. Most renovations of this size won’t be able to reuse the cabinets therefore removing cabinet refacing as an option. Consider keeping a redesign an eco-friendly option by selling any old cabinets that are in good shape or adding them into the laundry room or garage.

The Ugly

The truth is there really is no ugly side to kitchen cabinet refacing. It’s the perfect option for a budget friendly upgrade. Whether you’d like to create a modern look or have a beachy West coast style the possibilities are endless.

To complete your refacing project you’ll also need to choose hardware. Cabinet hardware is the final touch with virtually limitless choices. Get inspiration from kitchen pictures you’ve saved online so you can determine which designs will work best in your kitchen. Pro Tip: Don’t forget to add a new coat of paint to revitalize the space!

If you’re ready for a kitchen face lift get in touch with your local contractor.

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