Improving Home Comfort with a Heat Pump

Heat Pump in West Coast Home
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The Benefits of Adding a Heat Pump to Your Home

Vancouver Island has one of the warmest climates in Canada. Compared to the snowy winters and deep freezes our Eastern provinces see, we seem to have it all. Yet the temperature still drops. And we still have to thaw the chill in our bones during the rain-filled winter months. Is there a better way to heat our homes than standard baseboard heaters? Let’s look at the benefits of the most common solution for the cold winter blues: the heat pump.


The biggest reason for having a heat pump installed is to save money on utility bills. Homes on Vancouver Island are littered with baseboard heaters which use radiant heat to warm the space. Unfortunately the cost of electricity and the load of the heaters are not in favour of the homeowner. An alternative to sky-rocketing Hydro costs is the installation of a heat pump system. In fact, Natural Resources Canada states¬†that “You may be able to reduce your heating costs by up to 50 percent if you convert from an electric furnace to an all-electric air-source heat pump.” If you’re looking to reduce your bills, this might be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Good ROI

It’s important to consider your return of investment for any type of home heating product. Long life expectancy means you get your money’s worth of use from the system. Heat pumps offer a good ROI because they’ll usually pay for themselves within 5-10 of years of energy savings. This varies with each household however they’ve still proven to be a sound investment.

As with any mechanical system, maintenance is required to keep it functioning at peak efficiency. Filter changes and duct cleaning for ducted systems are easy to schedule annually. You’ll also want to keep the unit clear of any obstructions and check to make sure dirt and/or mud isn’t caking on. Keeping your system clean will also result in cleaner air for your home. So the maintenance is not only good for the systems, but for overall health of the people living there.


All Season

Install a heat pump any time of the year. They work to provide heat in the winter, and in reverse will cool your home in the summer. Additionally, they assist with humidity. With the West Coast being notoriously wet, de-humidification in the winter helps to retain heat.


Looking at the overall benefits, and the ability to use the system in both winter and summer, the heat pump has a reputation that precedes it. Here at Classic Home Improvements we’ll offer this as a value added service while we renovate. However, if you’re considering having a heat pump installed, you’ll want to contact your local mechanical contractor for more details and an estimate.