High Impact Low Cost Home Improvements for Selling

The current markets are showing the ball is in the buyers court. If you’re thinking of taking advantage of buying a new home you might have some work to do before listing your own.

Prospective buyers will typically spend the most time inspecting the kitchen and bathrooms. These are the areas you’ll want to focus on first. Just the same you’ll need to consider other parts of the property than make an impact on a buyers decision. Here are some of the most common home improvements for selling your home this spring.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

Any improvements you do in these rooms will be determine by their current condition. Not every home owner is going to find value in doing a full blown renovation when the rest of the house needs updating as well. The condition of these spaces will however affect your listing price. Knowing that the home buyer will need to invest in the updating themselves will affect what they are willing to pay. When deciding what updates need to be done, keep in mind that the kitchen and bathroom yield the highest return of your investment than any other room in the house.

Some affordable options that make a world of difference:

Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home is the first thing potential home buyers see. It may take some extra elbow grease to DIY but will increase your chance of selling. Building on a home buyers excitement for their new home starts right when they pull up. They want to imagine themselves coming home everyday, or playing outside with the kids. The best way to accomplish this is to make sure your home has the curb appeal it deserves.

Some affordable options that make a huge difference:

Laundry Room

The modern home values functional spaces that work double time. Laundry rooms are no longer an inconvenient corner in the basement, but an inviting space that’s organized and stylish. Make sure to clean up any clutter and add extra shelving or cabinets as needed.

Sinks have become an important feature in the laundry room – especially if the laundry room is attached to the garage. Consider adding some a sink basin with a curtain rod to hang clothes that can’t go into the dryer. You can always check out sites like Houzz to get some unique or creative ideas. These small details will undeniably go a long way.

Some small improvements that make a big impact:

To get a better idea of what needs to be updated or which areas would benefit the most, call your contractor. They’ll be able to walk through your home with you and point out any areas that need to be looked after. Don’t forget to include looking for rot on the roof, on any siding and the deck. Good luck and happy home improving!