Fall & Winter Projects? Why Not!

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Renovation Projects for the Off-Season

Springtime daffodils are a good indicator that home improvement season is just around the corner. But what about the yellowing of the leaves and near-constant rainfall? Surprisingly, autumn is the perfect time to tackle your home improvement projects.

Painting can quickly – and affordably – change the look of a room. The benefit of painting in the fall is that the temperature has decreased enough to vastly reduce drying times. With a decrease in demand, you’ll also be able to easily find a painter to meet your timeline.

Another great wintertime fix is updating your baseboards, crown moulding and door casings. Many older houses have baseboards with a narrow beveled look, while the current trend is a wide, four- to five-inch simple style. Of course, adding crown moulding at the same time will deliver the most bang for your buck. Try painting your moulding with a dark feature colour for a more luxurious look.

Bathroom renovations are also great to upgrade in the fall and winter. Most home improvement companies slow down after the summer, so it’s easier to find a contractor to meet your timelines. In wintertime we also tend to take more hot showers and baths, so why not enjoy that “you” time by making it your space for a personal retreat. Whether you want to upgrade a shower or tub unit, add in-floor heating or re-grout, there are plenty of ways to make your bathroom warm and comfortable.

Prepare Early for Large Renovations

If you want to start work in the spring, it’s best to contact your home renovation company a month or two in advance to get the pricing and design done. Fall and winter renos generally don’t need that much lead-time. Either way, always make sure you’re working with a reputable business that can provide you with references, has WorkSafeBC and insurance coverage.

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