Changing Your Countertops: A New Look for Less

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Changing your countertops for a whole new look!

Kitchens are one of the most lived in spaces in your home. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with the decadent aromas of coffee in the morning, or de-stress from your day with a table full of tapas and some good wine?  It’s undeniable – the kitchen is a great place to be! Surprisingly, a lot of people hate their kitchens. But making it more enjoyable doesn’t always involve spending a ton of money or a complete redesign. Small updates can have a huge impact. Let’s look at how changing your countertops can do just that!


This is a great option for a lot of homeowners because it is affordable, durable and easy to maintain. You’ll want to pick out colours that tie in with your existing scheme. Trends are great for inspiration but if resale is an ongoing concern, you may want to stay with a timeless neutral. The colour choices for laminate countertops these days are unreal. Technology has made way for stone patterns to be replicated so you can still get a high quality look at half the price. Don’t forget to bring some samples home and see how the colours look in your kitchen’s lighting!

Stone & Solid Surface

Granite is by far the most popular of the stone surface options, but you can also use Quartz or Corian. These countertop materials are usually thought of as “high-end” though they are commonly used materials these days. With granite in particular, you will want to choose your slab in the shop as the colouring will vary. This is especially true with whites as there can be a yellow tinge to it. If you choose to go with the stone or solid surface, you should be happy with your layout as it will be far more costly for you to redo. These options will definitely add character and a whole new look to your kitchen – even if nothing else changes.

The best part about changing your countertops is your renewed love for your kitchen. If it’s in the budget, plan to add some tile backsplash to really add some “wow” factor. Tile is always a safe and beautiful choice with a variety of patterns and colours to choose from. If you want to use something a little more unique, you can incorporate tin, textured waterproof wallpaper, mirror, decals and more. Get creative and speak to a kitchen designer or contractor to confirm cost and if it’ll work in your space. The sky’s the limit so make your kitchen your own without breaking the bank.

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