Bathroom Renovations on a Budget

Bathroom Renovations
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A Budget Friendly Fall Renovation

You know it’s fall when the only thing on your mind is “Pumpkin Spice”. Consequently, it’s the season where wool sweaters and cozy nights on the couch are a welcome change from busy summer evenings entertaining outdoors.

It’s also the time of year when you start to re-focus on the spaces that need updating.  While the colder months tend to eliminate some of the projects you can tackle, bathroom renovations aren’t necessarily one of them.  Research shows that you can recoup a significant portion of these costs – especially if you’re adding in a second bathroom to a one-bathroom house.

Unless you want to do a major upgrade to create a trendy spa-like environment, here are some ideas for bathroom renovations that add impact to your project without going overboard

A new vanity can add a ton of style to the space

Incorporate a custom built vanity into your renovation by working with your contractors to make sure it has sufficient storage and drawers to keep the bathroom tidy. In general, there’s a broad selection of colours you can choose from to makes sure it fits into your palette just right. Depending on the countertop material you choose, you’ll have a variety of options for the sink which can range from simple under-mount to wide bowl basins that sit on top.

Tile your shower surround OR flooring

Tiling can get expensive so you may want to choose one or the other rather than both to save on costs. Many bathroom renovations have an added upscale border or strip alongside a less expensive tile which can still add an artistic punch without breaking the bank. If tile is still a bit too expensive, consider replacing the grout. With this in mind, you improve the appearance of the tile at minimal cost.

Add new lighting

Whether we like it or not, lighting fixtures can seriously impact the look and feel of a room. Updating your wall sconces can add to an industrial or modern look. For a more dramatic effect, consider adding pendants or a chandelier. Whatever fixtures you decide on, make sure that the light bulbs you’re choosing give off a cool, natural light. It’s especially relevant to avoid adding a light above the mirror, including recessed lights in the ceiling. As a result, this can cast deep shadows below your eyes and visually “age” you. Put your task lighting on a dimmer. This is perfect for reading in the tub, when you’re walking up or getting ready for bed.


It’s important to realize that paint is always the most inexpensive and simple update to change the look of a room. If you have a colour you’d like to tie in from the rest of the house, make sure to bring it in to colour match instead of using the same can. Bathrooms require a special paint due to moisture and humidity levels. You can also find a paint that helps resist the growth of mold so you may want to purchase a small can for the ceiling as well.

DIY Updates 

Looking for a quick change that you can do on your own? Without becoming a Pinterest Fail there are a ton of options that can add some personality to bathroom renovations. In summary, some quick fixes that can change the look of your bathroom include framing the mirror and changing the vanity hardware. You can buy new towel racks new or create your own if you’re crafty! Moreover, upgrading your faucets and shower fixtures will also make a difference in the overall look. And if you’re handy, you might want to change the exhaust fan. All in all there are a ton of options for you to have a great bathroom, even on a budget.