Attic Renovations Add Home Value

attic renovations
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Extra Square Footage Adds Extra Value

No sooner have your summer guests waved goodbye and your thoughts are already turning to that winter holiday guest list. Cramped quarters are easy to handle in warm weather when you can use the outdoors as an extension to your home, but what will you do when the cold weather sets in? Before deciding you need to pull a Christmas with the Kranks give yourself a gift that keeps on giving – a renovation! Don’t want to give up any backyard space for an extension? Don’t think out – think up! That attic is a forgotten space just aching to be noticed.

Deciding to do Attic Renovations

The first thing to do is figure out exactly what you want to use that space for. Attic renovations are quite popular on Vancouver Island since there are no basements. But what’s the best way to utilize the space? Should it be a bedroom for belching Uncle Bob to retreat to after dinner? Or a serenity room where you can channel your inner zen away from the chaos in the rest of the house? How about an entertainment room the kids can think of as their own and go to for games and movies? Once you’ve decided the type of room you want to build there are a few more things to figure out. First, is your attic rough or finished? If it’s a finished attic then there is a skeletal structure already in place to make it into a livable area. A rough attic has wood and maybe some kind of basic flooring. Based on the type of your attic other things to consider are building codes, permits and inspections, electrical wiring, walls, windows, heating and vents and maybe even plumbing if a bathroom fits into your plans.


The Details


Next you may need to think about how to access your finished room. Is there a stairway and if so does it need to be renovated? Do you need a door for the room? The current insulation will need to be changed so what kind of insulation will you use?

Still thinking about booking a spray tan and airplane tickets to a hot spot? Shake off those fears and make a plan with our experts. They’ll guide you in planning and designing a functional space, alleviate any fears you have and ensure that any challenges along the way are handled properly. Get a head start and book an appointment for a free consultation. It’s always best to have a professional help you determine what’s possible.