3 Ways to Add Colour to Your Bathroom Renovation

add colour to your bathroom renovation
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3 Ways to Add Colour to Your Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom tends to be a tricky space when it comes to choosing colours. This is mostly due to the lack of natural light. The size of your bathroom will dictate how many, and what types of light fixtures you’ll be able to use to compensate for an otherwise dark space. Low light may also explain why we see a lot of the same undertones in bathrooms. For example, warm greys and blues are found in abundance! They’ve been trending in bathrooms for years for a reason – they add colour without dating the space.

If you don’t already have a colour in mind, or if you’re not sure where to start, draw colour inspiration from the rest of your home for a unified transition. If you’re ready to be bold in a worry free way, here are three ways to add colour to your bathroom renovation.

Feature Wall

A feature wall is the perfect way to tie in some daring colour. Add brights, like Pantone’s colour of the year ultra-violet, which is a bright blue-purple, or Benjamin Moore’s hibiscus a soft yellow with country charm.

Make sure you’ve already installed the light fixtures you’ve chosen so the colour swatch reflects the right shade you’re looking for. Feel free to tape swatches to a couple of different walls. The changes in natural light might sway which wall you want painted.

This is probably the safest way to add colour to your bathroom renovation if you’re a minimalist who likes to stick to neutrals but wants to venture out a bit.


Painted Cabinets

For a bathroom with unique flair painted cabinets are the way to go. Antique standalone vanities are gorgeous when painted. Shaker style cabinets are so versatile that you can do pretty much anything with them. They offer old world grace when painted in soft hues or drama as dark cabinets in a chic white bathroom.

Painted cabinet ideas:

  • Pair blush accessories with dragons breath painted cabinets and soft blue feature wall. Colour combination shown here.
  • Paint your bathroom in off-white like Chantilly Lace, with Boothbay Gray painted cabinets and dark earthy accents. Colour combination shown here.
  • Try adding a light brown to the trim while painting the walls a beautiful blue in Blue Heron. Paint your cabinets in a warm taupe for a dynamic room with beachy charm. Colour combination shown here.

Flooring or Ceiling

If you choose to add colour through your floor or ceiling stick to neutral styles with organic undertones, nature–greens, blues, and warm browns. Ceramic graphic tile, outspoken patterns, and wood flooring are all options that add colour and contrast well with muted greys and beige tones.

Consider adding some colour to your ceiling. This is another safe way to add color to your bathroom renovation and contributes nicely to the overall atmosphere. You can accomplish this in a couple different ways.  Your most trustworthy option is to simply add a few drops of your current colour to white. However you could go bold with a darker hue that creates an infinite feeling, like being nestled under the stars at night.

Whether you decide to add color to your bathroom renovation by painting a feature wall, painting your cabinets, or integrating colourful floors or a ceiling you’ll make a visual impact that leaves you and your guests feeling more vibrant.  Allow the colour to tie your design together so that even if it’s a splash, it makes just enough of a statement to add some personality.

If you need some help putting together your bathroom ideas, give us a call or shoot us a message. We can help you with your design, choosing the best materials and ultimately making your bathroom renovation exactly what you were dreaming of. Just need some inspiration? Check out Houzz for the latest trends and DIY tips.