5 Ways to Give Your Laundry Room Wow Factor

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Give Your Laundry Room Wow Factor with these in Demand must-haves

Remember when the laundry room was hidden away in the basement? It was usually unfinished with make-shift racks to hold soap, dryer sheets and fabric softener. If you were lucky you even had a sink. How times have changed! Based on a National Association of Home Buyers study, “What Home Buyers Want”,  93% of respondents wanted a home with a laundry room full of storage space. More than half of those people actually considered it as an essential feature and would be unlikely to buy a home without a dedicated laundry room. On top of that, 70% prefer that it’s on the first floor. Are you surprised?

Update & Organize

New homes are being built with upstairs laundry for function, meaning less trips up and down the stairs. But for older homes, it’s now worth the time to make them functional and efficient as a selling feature. Converting a mud room, a hallway closet or building out a dedicated space in the basement have become common renovations that increase storage, improve functionality and ultimately make doing laundry that much more enjoyable. Depending on your budget, you may not be able to to move walls or relocate electrical and plumbing. If that’s the case, there are still ways to make your laundry room more appealing. With this in mind, a fresh coat of paint, adjustable shelving and a folding table is a quick fix that won’t break the bank and creates a light and airy laundry space.

5 ideas to give your laundry room renovation wow

  1. Cabinets & Drawers: They provide the perfect place to store cleaning or pet supplies and extra linens. You can also keep gift wrapping or crafting supplies tucked away neatly to keep you feeling organized without the clutter. Cabinetry can also include a closet with a faux cabinet front for mops, an ironing board and other equipment
  2. Counter Space: A place to fold laundry, or other household tasks, countertops make the laundry room more functional as a utility or “to-do” room.
  3. Natural Light: Natural light already increase the perceived value of your home. If possible, adding a window or sun tunnel to your laundry room gives you a fresh, clean and bright look.
  4. Drying Racks/Rods: Wouldn’t it be great to be able to pull out laundry from the washing machine and have somewhere nearby to hang it? Forget the bathroom shower rod and install drying racks or rods directly in your laundry room for added efficiency.
  5. Sink: Removing stains or hand washing clothes is a dream when you have a sink in your laundry room. For example, if you’re converting a mud room, this sink will also be the “go-to” for cleaning up after working in the yard or the garage.

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