3 Tips to a West Coast Kitchen

West Coast Kitchen Style
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Renovating with a West Coast Kitchen Style

Welcoming the natural beauty of the west coast into your kitchen renovation isn’t as hard as you think. There are only a few key elements you need to breathe life and energy into your space. These elements define the west coast style. Here are 3 tips to incorporate the signature look of the west coast.

1. Au Natural

When designing a west coast kitchen you want to ensure you’re bringing in natural elements such as light to mid-toned wood. Whether it’s a finishing touch, or all the kitchen cabinets, wood is a highly sought after material that makes the room feel ‘alive’. It’s also very versatile, a bonus for anyone wanting to reduce their carbon footprint during the renovation. You can frequently find products created from clean wood to reduce waste in the landfills. Keep it organic with no paint and a clear finish to capture the natural beauty of the wood grain.

2. Clean & Bright

You can see that the west coast kitchen is all about the outdoors. What better to compliment the wood elements than daylight and a touch of colour? One of the first things you’ll notice is the use of white and off-white. This helps to trick the eye into thinking it’s brighter space. The is especially beneficial if you have a galley kitchen as you may have fewer windows. If you don’t happen to have many windows you can always mimic natural daylight with your lighting.

Perfectly paired with your bright whites comes your earthy grey, blue and green finishes. You’ll often see the cabinets painted in these calming hues, creating some depth and adding character to the space. Make sure to bring the paint swatch into the kitchen beforehand so you can see the true undertones under the lighting you have.

3. Keep it Casual

West coast living should feel relaxed and effortless. Your third tip is to keep it casual. By taking on a minimalist approach you’ll be able to achieve a much more inviting, open feeling.

Reflective elements will help to add brightness even if there are minimal windows for natural light. Your back splash, appliances or bar stools can all help to achieve this. Copper and brass pendant lights are the perfect addition to a west coast kitchen as they bring in a little bit of a rustic edge in addition to that natural metal sheen.

For those finishing touches adding natural fibers and textures will bring you from basic to beachy without being overly nautical.

The key to the west coast kitchen is to keep it simple and draw inspiration from the natural beauty of the outdoors. If you need help with your kitchen design – we do that! We recommend going to Houzz and saving images of West Coast kitchens you’re drawn to.

That way we can work with you to get you exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve been renovating kitchens and bathrooms on Vancouver Island for over 20 years, contact us anytime for a free in-home consultation