3 Perfect Fall Projects For Your Home

Fall Projects
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Fall Projects That Add Value

Back to school, more traffic, shorter days…. the tell-tale signs of fall. As the leaves start to change you might be left wondering how another summer of home improvements got away from you. Not to worry! These 3 perfect for fall projects add value and enjoyment to your home.

1. Seal Your Deck or Rebuild

Spring and summer are your regular ‘busy’ times for contractors. Lining up the work for refinishing or rebuilding your deck might be a little easier this time of year. In addition, you can typically save on material costs through the off-season. No only do you get a new deck ready to enjoy in the spring, your budget might be able tp stretch a little further.

If you’re resealing, you’ll get the best results when applying when there is no direct sunlight or high temperatures. This can cause the stain to flash dry which results in the stain being unable to properly penetrate the wood.

Even if you don’t think your deck needs any maintenance, perform a safety check by walking around the deck to make sure there’s no signs of water soaking into the boards.

2. Finish Your Basement

This is another great fall project that adds value to your home. Whether you’re finishing for additional living space, or for an in-law suite, the results open up a new market of buyers. In areas that have relatively low housing availability, buying a home with  mortgage helper is a positive option.

Since the basement was probably not being used much as an empty space, a renovation won’t be disrupting your normal living arrangements or lifestyle. Further, the fall and winter are generally slower for contractors so scheduling conflicts between trades are less likely to hold up your project. This work isn’t largely affected by weather so why not take advantage of completing a project now!

3. Install Skylights

Let the sun shine in! Installing skylights are one of the best value fall projects. The short dark days of winter are the reason why many residents of the west coast get Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Adding skylights will increase the amount of natural light coming into your home which is beneficial to you and potential future buyers.

Skylights can also make a smaller space feel bigger by brightening it up. Similar to mirrors, skylights give the illusion of more space. Not only that, the peacefulness of being closer to the outdoors is always a win. Especially when you’re in a darker neighborhood and can see the light of the moon shining in.

Be that as it may, you’ll want to have a consultation with a professional to determine the best placement for your new skylight(s). This will help optimize the energy use in your home so you’re utility bills don’t have any drastic changes. A professional can also spot where there might be potential for water pooling which can result in leaks and moisture becoming trapped which leads to mold or mildew.

Fall Projects

For the most part, fall is a pretty great time to complete some projects that you might have missed in the summer. There’s no need to feel guilty about enjoying your long days in the pool or on the patio. Of course, there are many more projects that are perfect for fall. If there’s anything in particular you’re thinking of doing or having done, speak to your contractor for more details about timelines and costs. Fall may just be the best time to get started!